Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Need to Start Charging.

I could just put a taxi meter in my car.  If a kid forgets his/her__________(insert uniform, equipment, homework, shoes - hey, it's Hawaii), the meter would go on for the extra ride home.

Those unexpected side trips take a toll when you live out in the boonies.

I had big goals for today, but my son called at his lunch time, reminded me that he had early release, and suggested that this would be a good day to renew his driver's permit.  When he said, "early release", I thought of the 11:45 schedule, but it was actually 1:45, so my daughter and I just sat there and waited.  Sigh.  I kept thinking about the chores I could be doing, but didn't.  I did make a kabocha pumpkin stir fry before leaving, and washed all the kids's sheets, and folded laundry, but that left a lot undone.

Then all the errands in town had to be revised when the 13 year old informed me that he'd forgotten his uniform for his after school activity.

I am glad I took my son and daughter to renew their instructional permits, though.  The man who took the license fee looked at me and said, "Oh, boy!  You got two! You'll need four cars."  I didn't have the heart to tell him that if you counted the vehicles that aren't working, we actually do have four - well, five if you count the tractor!  It started me thinking that having my kids in pairs means that there are going to be two different times in my life when I am teaching two teenagers to drive at the same time.  It's nerve wracking.

"Okay, that car up there is braking; brake slowly to keep the distance."


"Brake, please."



"Dad doesn't yell at me as much as you do."

"If you listen to me the FIRST time, or even the SECOND time, I wouldn't yell."  (Rolling eyes on both sides of the car. I am not above an adolescent eye roll of my own.)

I have a lot more compassion for my parents teaching me to drive on Oahu.  At least, I don't have to take a learner on the freeway!


Renee's Reality said...

LOL!! This is hilarious! My oldest is 12 (almost 13). Soon I will be in your shoes! I think I will totally leave the teaching to drive to my husband! LOL!
Thanks for sharing! :)

NancyDe said...

I would so love to leave it to my husband, but I am the one most often in the car with the kids! I just keep reminding myself that another driver or two in the house would be really lovely.