Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Last Real Spring Break Day

Tomorrow and Saturday I need to take some students to a digital media workshop, and Sunday is Church, Confirmation classes (which means me sitting outside waiting in a car), and preparing for the classroom.

Too bad it is raining, I wanted to do more outside.  This will force me to catch up on laundry, mending, and paperwork, which is probably a blessing.  Also, a student sent me a FB message that he is having trouble with his Spring Break homework (aren't I evil?), and since he lives up the road, could I please help?   So I might have to tutor today, as well.  That's okay.  It will help me get back into the game. Sometimes the difference between thinking for the classroom and thinking for the farm.

The rain was pouring down all night and the wind was gusting.  It woke me frequently, but everyone seems fine out there this morning.  My husband's work at Christmas means the sheep shed doesn't flood quite so much.  Some of you might remember that the sheep stall was 3-4 inches in water and Dodie was due any time!  Now it is the chicken run that is flooding in parts of it.  Always something we need to do or fix.

I do feel bad for my daughter, because she was all excited to bring her solar oven project to school.  Apparently, they were going to have a test run today.  It is quite dark out there with clouds and rain.  Not a successful set up for solar cooking.  Sometimes it stays gloomy up here on the mountain, where downhill it is a bit nicer.  Maybe they'll get a chance later in the day... it's a pretty cool solar oven. She and her dad made it out of an old satellite tv dish, some tin foil, and some closet door tracks to hang the food heating assembly (a jar with a black painted can).  Mirrors would work better than the tin foil, but it gets pretty warm on a sunny day.


Renee's Reality said...

A solar oven, that's very cool!

NancyDe said...

Yes, she is pretty excited about it. I love that this teacher is so project based - makes the kids very excited about school and science!

L'Aussie said...

I know I'm a bit late but I was hoping you were okay when that tsunami hit. Our news said Hawaii was affected. Hope you're okay.


NancyDe said...

Yes, Denise, we're fine; thank you! There was quite a bit of damage on the West Side of the Big Island. I heard that one of the hotels is just closed - too damaged to repair. That sure was scary - I had family in Japan (who were evacuated) and friends who are still there - even though they are in Tokyo, it just sounds awful.