Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Thunderstorms

Yesterday was incredible.  The thunder started about about 10 am and by 1:30 or so it was as dark as 6 pm outside.  It felt like the lightning was centered almost directly over the school. 

It was as if the day were backward, because it was dark in the middle of the day, but the edges of the thunderstorm started dissipating at about 5:00, so the day got lighter as the evening wore on - at least until the sun actually went down.  It cleared up enough to have a bright moon shining in my bedroom windows. 

Today is brisk, but partly sunny, and quite windy.  The wind appears to be tradewind generated, so I bet more rain will occur later this evening.  In fact, my office window looks in the weather-generating direction, and yup, there are more rain clouds on the way. My office feels as cold as a refrigerator, but I am sure that is just me.  It can't possible be 40 degrees in here - even if my hands and feet feel like it. 

Once again, we've had a series of late evenings, so I haven't inspected the garden, but I imagine more seedlings are barely holding on with their toes, so to speak.  It must feel like when you are standing on a rocky shore with a rising tide sucking at your feet.  Your toes grasp for purchase but you feel like you'll float away. 

This weekend my husband and I are celebrating our 22nd anniversary.  Although I want to celebrate in traditional ways (ie nice dinner - probably cooked at home, but something special still), I hope we also celebrate by working together to get the greenhouse in order.   Given the probability of an exceptionally wet winter, I think the greenhouse is going to be my produce source - except for those ever-hardy-in-the-rain brassica (brussels sprouts, collards, mustard, and kale) and I hope some of my root vegetables, too. 

I suspect that I missed the boat on broccoli again - usually I plant it too late and it bolts.  I got it in early this year, but not early enough to have a good sized seedling before the flooding rains.  Just can't seem to get that timing right - I love broccoli, too.  It's a bummer.  


Daphne said...

I knew it was your anniversary this week but I can't believe it has been 22 years! I was rearranging my closet a few days ago which had some of my photo books in it. I had some pictures from your wedding in it. They really made me beautiful. Congratulations to you both!

NancyDe said...

I looked at some of the pictures this weekend (that twin thing happening again?) as I was dusting - all I could think was that my mom was right, I should have gotten my hair cut, and darn, we look so young!