Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Time in 19 Years

Last night was the first Halloween in 19 years that I did not go trick-or-treating (or rather driving kids around to trick-or-treat)!  Since we live in a rural area, we always need to drive the kids to another neighborhood, usually Volcano. The houses are spaced enough apart, that you have to do a lot of driving - drive to one cluster of houses, walk around, get back in the car, etc.  We've done that for most of the last 15 years, with occasional excursions to Hilo to break the pattern.

Last night, one of the younger pair didn't want to go - he'd just finished a long day of school and a long play practice and since there was candy in the car for my husband, he just hopped in my car and came home.  My older son was going with his girlfriend and he agreed (lovely boy) to take his younger sister.  They ended up going to Keaau Ag Lots, which is a nice neighborhood, but the lots are big, so the kids must have walked three miles.  They came home with a lot of loot, but they were very tired.

I found a stash of eggs the chickens were hiding, so we had scrambled eggs benedict for dinner while waiting for the two to come home.  It appears that 5 of the Araucanas were hopping into my garden cart for the last three days to lay their eggs.  It's funny how you can tell the different eggs apart from different shapes and slightly different colors - Araucanas are the birds that lay blue, green, or pink eggs.  Most of my hens lay slightly oddly shaped eggs - long and skinny, with a marked point, and there is one hen that lays rough eggs (ouch). 

There's a flash flood watch in effect for my island; the skies are gloomy and gray - and although I slept through it, there was apparently lightning and thunder last night at midnight.  How appropriate for Halloween!  

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