Friday, November 4, 2011

Wild Weather

I know it is nothing like the wild winter weather that happens on the continent, but the atmosphere has been unstable for days here, and it finally brought thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and last night.  I am a little tired as the light show woke me at about 3:30 this morning, but that's okay. 

Last night, I attended a play at a high school in the area.  They did the Sound of Music, and it was really great!  I am always impressed with the local high school dramatic productions.  Hilo High has an after school Performing Arts club, and their stuff is always wonderful, and the productions I have seen at other local high schools have been equally well done.  For a small-ish town, we have quite a few arts programs available for all ages.  The Palace Theater in Hilo often has local productions which involve actors from the community of all ages.  I have taught at a few different schools, so it seems I always know someone in every production.

The fact that I live fairly far out of town and the fact that once I am home, I tend to stay home means I don't see as many of the productions as I would wish, but I am glad I went last night, even though I don't think my shoes will ever recover from the flooding wet I had to walk through to get there. 

I had some relatives in last night's play, some kids I coached in elementary track, a few children of people I have worked with - it made it even more exciting. 

I will need to go out to the garden and see if any of the seedlings and young plants survived the pounding rain.  At least the sheep and horses seemed to be none the worse for wear this morning.  I guess Crazy Horse has spent enough of his life in pasture to not freak out as much at thunderstorms as would expect.  That's a relief; I have had my share of stupid thunderstorm moments where I had to run around in pastures finding witless frightened horses to bring them into the barn - all the time praying that neither of us were struck by lightning.   It seems Crazy Horse and Ohia have the sense to come in from the storm and put themselves to bed.  Very nice. 

The sheep aren't as smart as all that, but their internal clock brought them in at 5, so it all worked out - that was before the worst of the storms, but not before the worst of the flooding rain.  I am beginning to believe the adage that sheep are stupid.  I maintain, though, that they are not as stupid as chickens.  I don't think anything beats a chicken for being ridiculously stupid. 

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