Monday, November 7, 2011

Out of Step with the Weather...

We have had floods of rain alternating with a nice sunny day - of course, when I wanted it sunny, it was raining (my silk shoes won't be the same), and when I was deep into cleaning my house, it was sunny.

I am used to it; it's like some kind of rain forest rule for residents.  It will rain when you have to work outside, and it will be sunny when you have to work inside - like a specialized Murphy's law. 

We also had a smallish earthquake - actually there were two almost exactly an hour apart, but only one of them woke me up.  The one almost directly under me was so small, I didn't even feel it - I felt the bigger one down the mountain from me.  Earthquakes are kind of a by-product of living on the side of an erupting volcano.

Last week, I could see fountains in the vent as I was driving.  That is always fun.

My garden is starting to show some of the effects of the pouring rain - a few seedlings washed out of their beds - I just replanted them.  Some things are sprouting, but I have hopes that when there is a little more sun, they'll pop up -it's happened before.  Sometimes they aren't where I planted them, but as long as they grow, I am not going to complain.

The brassica and the turnips are loving the rain - and so is one variety of the four sweet potatoes I planted.  I've never had much luck with the purple sweet potatoes that I really love, but this other variety my niece gave me is growing like weeds.  I hope it will also grow roots and not just masses of lovely leaves. 

The hens are sneaking under the canvas cover to lay eggs in my manure cart.  It is the weirdest thing.  At least I found their stash before it was too late.  Now I look every day - they have been waiting later and later to lay their eggs so they can go hide them.  I look by the cat door under the deck, next to the house by the clothesline, in the manure pile, under the project cars....I know I am missing some, but hopefully, I can watch them and find their hiding places.  Sneaky little girls....



Chicago Transplant said...

Hi NancyDe,

I hope the weather cooperates soon. Isn't it always that way. Well, at least you're not dealing with a drought and water restrictions.

Thanks for the update on the purple sweet potatoes. I'll be visiting Maui in about a month and I'm looking forward to seeing what progress my own sweet potatoes are making.

Your hens sure keep you on your toes! It sounds like an Easter egg hunt.

It's good to hear that the small earthquakes didn't damage anything.


NancyDe said...

I hope your sweet potatoes are making more roots than mine - lots and lots of foliage, no flowers, and it doesn't look like much in the way of actual tubers.