Monday, November 14, 2011

Of Course...

Back to work after a long (rainy) weekend.  Of course it is quite a lovely day today, when I am not home to capitalize on it.  The stalls are saturated - we must have gotten 15 inches of rain in the last week - the sheep don't want to be in there, and there is no way to dry them out. 

Actually, a beautiful day down here doesn't mean it is beautiful at home - but I hope it is, so the garden and the animal housing can start to dry out.  The ground is like jello with grass. 

We had a lovely anniversary, though.  We drove to Kona, just the two of us, for a massive Costco run and then stayed for dinner at one of the nice hotels up in Waikoloa.  It's nice to have mostly teenagers that can stand a day by themselves.  Getting home to unload at 8 pm is a lot nicer when you have young men to help you carry and a young lady to help you put it all away in the freezer and cabinets, too. 

I am impressed at the growth in the turnips - they are one crop that very much enjoys the rain and isn't hurt by the lack of daylight.  I am delighted that I will be able to pull them up and bring them to Thanksgiving dinner.  I thought I might make a side dish of stir fried greens, as well, so I can use the turnip tops, collards, and the baby Chinese mustard and kale, not to mention my ubiquitous sweet potato leaves. 

The fact is, though, even with those lovely greens and turnips, so much isn't growing well - might be the lack of sun, too much rain - it might even be chickens stealing seeds, though I don't see signs of them in there.  I need to plant more!  I have so much to learn! 

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