Friday, November 18, 2011

Muddy Weekend Half Planned

Or maybe what I want to say is half of a weekend is planned to be muddy - since I have to work for half of the weekend, only half is available for mud-based chores.  It's still raining a good chunk of the time, so mud is the order of the day. 

I had some poi yesterday, just a little taste.  Now I want more.  I need to pull up some taro, pressure cook it, and make poi.  Yum.  My son was telling me about some poi balls he had at our school festivities yesterday, and I want to try to make those, too - although they are deep fried and sugary and probably need to be limited.

What really needs to get done is work in the greenhouse - pulling out the tag old ends of stuff and planting new food products.  The thing is I love producing food in my own garden, but on top of my engrossing full time job, actually being in the green house shoveling dirt and little seeds in the greenhouse all by my lonesome is not actually that fun.  It's an effort to make myself get out there - I have to remember how cool it is that those little seeds actually produce food.  I think if my husband, at least, came out and helped, I would feel a lot more motivated.

Sometimes my youngest comes out, but she would much rather be baking in the kitchen (or, let's face it, watching terrible re-runs on tv).  The quickest way to get her out the door is to say "horse", if you want outdoor chores. 

Speaking of horses, I haven't seen mine for weeks.  It's dark when I leave, mostly, and dark when I come home - particularly with this rain. Even if I do participate in the care and feeding, it's by feel in the gloom.  This time of year is a busy, fulfilling one as a teacher, and I LOVE Christmas, but it is a bad time for Farmer Nan, who fees very cut off from her venture. 


Leigh said...

The tail end gardening chores are the least fun and least motivating! I have a bunch of them myself. Of course, with the rain, one really needs to stay inside....

NancyDe said...

The good and bad thing about Hawaii is the year round growing season. Tail end and front end chores are sort of on-going. I like working in the green house once everything is planted, but I kind of dread the filling the pots, planting the seeds, etc. You'd think it would be more enjoyable than planting outside, because it is at waist height, no bending, but the pots just get so fiddly.