Monday, February 21, 2011


It's amazing how much weeding you can do when stuck on the (cell) phone waiting for customer service to get their brains in gear.  Also pulled the last two daikon - not much root, must be too much nitrogen in the compost.  

I turn off my work brain when I am at home.  It's a good thing I checked my email and was reminded that I still didn't finish things for conferences this week.  Yikes.  I have a lot more work ahead of me today than I thought - so it's a good thing I spent an hour in the garden resolving my cell phone bill with the poor man (who finally put me through to his supervisor) named "Rex".  I seriously doubt that was his real name, but asking him to consider if this problem was happening to his poor mother....well, that got the trick done and I did all my weeding, too!  I have a laundry sink filled with the most giant daikon plant and a baby garlic I accidentally pulled up with the grass.

My vegetarian daughter is with friends - so we're having beef stew tonight.  And apparently, stir fry daikon root and leaves for a side dish.  I could pull some taro, too and make taro patties.... I guess it will depend on how much grading and conference planning I get done today.

I would rather be outside!  I am making so much progress with Gib.  He is really getting the idea that he is safe here: with his fear decreasing, his willing attitude is coming to the fore.  Today, I cleaned the stall without him completely panicking; in fact, he just kept on eating after an initial tensing up at the sight of the pitchfork and the wheelbarrow.  Big change, believe me.

But, sadly, I am inside for the duration until an inch thick stack of papers are graded and the conference schedules are made.

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