Saturday, February 26, 2011

Too tired to Farm....too bad!

It was a track meet day.  A hot, sunny, muggy track day.  If it weren't so exciting a day, I would be crankier than I am.  My son came from back in 6th place to win the race, pretty exciting stuff, and his big brother was there to see him and congratulate him - which I could tell made my younger son's day.

Anyway, I am home now, headachy, and way too tired, but I know I should be doing something besides sitting here.  Baking, cleaning, mucking out, planting seeds, anything!

I also have to make a call to the previous owner of the mare I sold.  She emailed me rather irately that I "still" hadn't contacted her - but I didn't even know she was trying to contact me!  I told her I really was too sad to talk about it, but she could email the new owner (something I haven't even done out of courtesy) for updates.  But I see a note here from a child asking me to call this person.  So, like so many things in life, I need to suck back the 'I don't wannas' and pull out the 'you gottas' to be courteous.  I hope I don't do something like cry....I am really grateful this horse has a person who has the time to really work with her.  I am grateful that Gib has a new home that is more like what he needs - lots of love, but not a lot of work until he settles in and feels less scared.  I just still feel a bit mournful that things worked out other than the original plan, if you know what I mean.

I am going to rest for 15 minutes more than then pick one chore to accomplish today.  That will make me feel better, and will probably wake me up a bit.  Once I am awake, maybe I will pull off TWO chores!

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