Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What an exasperating day...

Work was....rather unfortunately horrible.  I am in charge of a couple of big things this week and next, and there are so many little details and so many personalities.  It was just not fun to have to deal with these things (after working on some of it for several hours yesterday, a holiday, a sunny, beautiful holiday that had horse ride or garden written all over it) and teach the last day of the courses for the trimester.

On top of that, my identity has been stolen - or at least my debit cards (from two accounts), so I had to visit the police and the banks.  The police were ALL out on calls, so I had to go home and wait for an officer, since they were ALL up in my area.

I was hurrying up to feed all the animals as it was getting dark and waiting for the officer - he showed up JUST when I got the chicken waterer out of their run.  If I don't hurry to get the waterer filled and back in, Elvis finishes eating and has been known to trap me in the run.  I was inwardly grumbling that the officer came at the exact wrong time....and I started toward the driveway to direct him.  I tripped in a hole, dropped all the eggs I had just collected (and embarrassed myself, but hey, that's normal).

I know am a bit sore from my tumble, my head is hurting from the irritation of the fraudulent charges on my account, and I forgot something I needed to work on tonight on my desk (30 minutes away).

And, possibly the worst news, the sheep have lost respect for the electric fence....they were out, nibbling on my roses yesterday afternoon.... No one is dead or has a tummy ache, so I assume roses are okay for sheep.


Chai Chai said...

I will add you to the prayer list tonight. I have a severe dislike for thieves and criminals.

NancyDe said...

Thank you, Chai Chai. I seriously need and appreciate the prayers! What a rough week! I haven't seen the animals except in the dark!