Friday, February 25, 2011


Due to the unexpected cancellation of our trainer today, we had a work day at work: only one meeting, not tutoring, no classes.  That means I was plowing out end of the trimester reports and trying to figure out what would happen with my new classes starting on Monday!  (I am not so ready, and this weekend isn't going to get me any readier: track meet tomorrow and Confirmation on Sunday).

But, all the paperwork-cranking was lightened by two nice things today.  One was my son getting a spot in the Driver's Ed program at the local high school.  The other had to do with Gib.  I am not sure if I have emphasized how very spooky this horse is...but anytime I walk near him in the stall, he is almost instantly on the other side of it.  I have to make a rather big production of telling him to, "Whoa, easy there, buddy," if I want to say hello.  Yet, this morning, I was making a big deal of the sheep, scratching Elvis, Dodie, and Minnie under their chins, when I felt a horse breathing down my neck.  I was certain it was Ohia, but when I turned around, it was Gib!  He stood there quietly to accept a pat on his neck.  It was as if he wanted his share of the affection that the sheep were hogging up.  What an excellent way to start the day.

Of course, the shiny new morning feeling was worn off when we got to the middle school and my 13 year old could find one sock - fortunately, (sigh) he had a sock puppet in the car that he brutally defaced (literally) to have another sock.  I am sure walking around all day with half a red puff ball nose under the tongue of your shoe isn't any fun.

I felt bad for my 11 year old.  It was Pa'ina day at school: which means water slides and fun stuff in the afternoon to celebrate the end of the marking period.  Since she has an infected scrape, she had to avoid the water slide.  Very much a bummer.

It's the big young adult/teen night at our house, once again.  I am going to make a huge batch of nachos, because I am feeling lazy about pizza dough.  I am longing for bed and the sun isn't even down.

Hope all of you had a blessed day.


Chai Chai said...

Huge victory with Gib, congratulations.

Deb said...

Great job Gib and Nancy !!

NancyDe said...

Thanks, Chai Chai! But this evening, semi-back to normal - just not running as far ;). He's more spooky on his left side.

NancyDe said...

Thanks, Deb :)