Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eggs, beautiful eggs...

I got 8 eggs from my hens today. Several of them were pullet eggs - those little ones hens lay when they are just starting out.  They are adorable, but not so much food.  I have buyers lined up when I want to sell them, so it works out to be getting this many - expecting more as they get older.

Decided to come home between one round of pick ups and the second round of pick ups.  I love it that Gib comes in when the paint does - he is a lot calmer and less afraid today.  He is also very gentle with the sheep.  Scarlett sure wasn't - she was always chasing them.  Today the sheep decided to make a visit to the horse stall. Ohia doesn't even turn a hair, and all Gib did was give a small ears back of displeasure.

I was missing Scarlett today, but Gib is already stealing my heart.

I can't really be driving home in between picking up kids - it's too far, too up the mountain, and my car is getting old, but it was nice today.

I have a lot of ripe guavas, my tangerine tree is really starting to put out fruit, and the lemon tree is abundant....and there're more and more lovely eggs everyday.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

So glad to hear Gib is doing well. I can't imagine having your fruit trees. We cook and eat with so much lemon at my house. It would be so neat to go out and just pluck one from the tree!! Lucky you,

NancyDe said...

FBMKW, it took a long while for those citrus to start producing. We planted most of them about 13-14 years ago - the lemon tree starting fruiting first with just a few a year. This year we have a bumper crop. The tangerine tree has 8 tiny tangerines this year, but since we've gotten exactly 3 over the last 5 or 6 years, this is a good sign. A goat ate our orange trees, so the replacements are not yet producing. Grapefruit has a hard time at my elevation. I do appreciate the lemons, though. Made an ono (delicious) lemon pound cake with lilikoi sauce a few weeks ago - and planning to make lemon chicken this weekend.

Chai Chai said...

WE are still in the grips of winter and you are already harvesting fruit? Got to love the steady supply of eggs, make sure to check out the comment section of this post asking how to peel hard boil fresh eggs (http://operationhomestead.blogspot.com/2011/02/how-to-peal-hard-boil-eggs.html) because fresh eggs do not peel easily. I'm very happy to hear the Gib is working out.

NancyDe said...

Well, it's kind of cool - citrus fruits in the fall and winter here, so we have quite a variety. We can grow things all year round. I am getting a lot of guava, too. I saw your post on the egg peeling - very good timing for me.

I am looking forward to riding Gib at home soon. Maybe tomorrow, but certainly Friday.