Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a Minute...

Came home to feed, so I had better get hopping.  My 13 year old is in his play tonight!  This is the first one in three years his Dad will be able to attend, as he was home sick this week.

I took my 11 year old to the Urgent Care last night - staph infection (ewwh) from falling in the tack room.  Very yuck.

Most survived this rather stressful week: there were just so many different things going on that I was responsible for - more than usual, I mean.  Nearly had a tearful moment at 3:00 pm yesterday, but rallied and fixed the problem with the pizza delivery to the drama crew, made a start on fixing (ie resecheduling) the snowed in trainer who was supposed to show up on Friday to finish our training on Socratic Seminars, and got through the two days of student led conferences (in spite of ALL the mistakes I made in scheduling panels for the kids)....phew.

Haven't seen my animals except in the dark for the last three days - until now!  Better get out there and feed and pet and check every living thing.

Off to tell my son, "Break a Leg!"

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