Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sheep day!

I really need to do a lot of sheep chores (feet trims, worming, mucking out) today.  Since Confirmation classes are right after church, most of Sunday is already gone.  My husband is gone, since this was the cheap day to fly (and it is fun to watch the Superbowl with your childhood friends), so I need to take my football-y son to my brother-in-law's to watch with the guys.  I could sit here and watch (and fold laundry), but it just wouldn't be the same for him.  

Before we head out, I need help catching and holding sheep for all the shenanigans that are going to happen. And before that, I need to start some banana bread to take over, so he isn't just showing up hungry and without a contribution.   I guess I need to get off this computer and get hopping.  The plan is to have the two boys hold the 4 x 8 plywood up to herd the sheep in the corner, and then for me and the youngest to go in and dose them up.  I probably need the 16 year old to push the ram up against the wall so I can lift his feet to trim.  Then I need to chase them out to pasture so I can clean in the pen.

All of this is on top of a stack of grading, the taxes/Financial Aid things, and the weekly baking - and the ubiquitous laundry folding.  I would lay a bet that I won't get everything I need done today done at all.  Oh, well, one can only try.


Chai Chai said...

Argh, We put off the same sheep chores today because - just because. Trimming their feet is really a chore.

Your "just one more thing" to do list is really long, you need a break.

NancyDe said...

I am not sure how well I did, but I did the ones we could catch. I still need to worm the two ewes. That was the first time I ever trimmed sheep hooves - much softer than horse hooves!

Working on the FAFSA - kind of discouraging, because I am going to have to do it again after I finish the taxes....but have to make the deadlines!