Friday, February 11, 2011

Track Meet!

The first Age Group track meet of the year is tomorrow.  It will be a long, long, looooong day.  I hope that Coach doesn't put my 13 year old on a relay team, because that just makes a long, hot day wear out into the evening.  If it is hot and voggy tomorrow, like it it today, we'll have kids passing out left and right.

Fortunately, this is my first year not coaching, so I can just be the bystander parent....unless coach needs help out on the field.

My mare will be heading out to her new home on Sunday.  Feeling sad, but I'll deal with it.  I hope my gelding manages being a single horse again - hope he learns to love the sheep!  They were out in the yard last night (Baby Girl is quite clever with gates) and he looked great - walking out without pain.

Little Niele (Ellie) is starting to call out at feeding time.  I hope she is not as loud as her half sister, Minnie, when she grows up - that ewe can belt it out - but she does have a cute little, "Maaaa" right now.  The three ram lambs are much quieter.

Wish my kids luck - we have the 100, 200, and running triple jump for the 11 year old, and the 800 and 1600 and the high jump for the 13 year old.  There are about a million heats for the sprints, but the long distance runs are much more sparsely populated.  In fact, they usually run the girls and boys together for the mile at least.

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