Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Delinquent me

I have been absent from the blog (and keeping up with other's blogs) for five or six days here.  I have been having a bit of internet trouble at home and it's that season again: track and field/tax/scholarship search time.

On top of that, February is a rather brutal month in education.  Apparently aware of the post-holiday blahs in the classroom, people plan lots and lots of Professional Development opportunities.  Between track meets (much, much longer than cross country meets and involving uncomfortable and frequently long and rainy intervals on hard bleachers) and Professional Development opportunities, my Saturdays are shot through April.  And somewhere in there, I need to do the taxes, the FAFSA, and other scholarship.  paperwork.  The farm is going to have to fit into the rest of my life, which we all know is a ludicrous statement.  Farms don't "fit in", they take precedence, often in the form of small (and large) unexpected happenings.

If I think about everything I would like to be able to do, and need to do, I would start feeling a little overwhelmed.  I just need to think how I am going to work through my first period class.  The copier quit on me 2 copies into a 10 copy run (of an 88 page public domain Shakespeare play).  Working for a school with no textbooks and no money for textbooks makes for some interesting dilemmas when the copier gets a glitch.  Time to get creative....

On the farm front, the lambs are growing so fast!  I need to take new pictures.  I am still back and forthing with the woman who is considering buying my mare.  I am still of two minds about it, but considering that all my Saturdays through April are already spoken for, and half of Sundays through May (Confirmation classes - not only is my son being Confirmed, but one of my students asked me to be her Sponsor, as well), it is obvious I do not have time for this horse.  I am just so sad about it, having it prolonged like this is really painful.  I think once she is gone, I will just "cowgirl up" and get over it, but seeing her everyday is a fresh reminder.


Chai Chai said...

Quite an honor to be asked to be a sponsor, you must have made an excellent impression.

How do your dogs do with the sheep? Do you let them 'help'?

NancyDe said...

I do not let my dogs help, because they have no knowledge. Melly is scared, and the others are sort of bullies - more interested in chasing rather than bringing home the sheep.

I thought it was an honor, too. I got a little teary. My son still has to pick one. Or rather, he's thought of someone, but still needs to ask. How are you doing with the weather? It looks so bad!

Chai Chai said...

The weather is well to the South of us, the one good thing about below zero temps is it is too cold to snow!

NancyDe said...

I looked at the satellite map - that storm is huge...good thing it is South of you.