Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

I spent the morning outside - yay!

I woke up inordinately late, because I spent the night thinking about reading - about teaching reading and thinking skills at the same time.  Well, actually, I woke up at four and make a 45 minute round trip to my son's school because he has a track meet on the other side of the island and the bus was leaving at 5 am, but then I went back to bed and didn't get up until 9:30!

To make myself feel less lazy, I went outside and tried to clean up after all this rain we've had. More is expected, so I had to leave some barrier to rain flooding in, but I tried to get the wettest and most icky spots out of both the sheep stall and the horse stall.  I top dressed the tomatoes in the green house with composted manure.  The sky is gloomy and dark, but refrained from pouring down on me.  I put one of the manure loads around the bananas - they like fresh manure.  I need to get out there and trim off the dead leaves and compost them.  They mellow out the nitrogen heavy manure from the stalls and chicken run and provide a good base of brown matter to add to the green in the compost pile.

It looks to me like Minnie is due in about two weeks.  It's her first time, so I am a little nervous.  She has a bit of a bag, but it still looks not ready.

Do you remember the mare I sold a couple of months ago?  I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't heard how she settled in to her new place.  Well, I ran into a friend who is on the show circuit, and she knows the new owner.  Scarlett is getting bred next month!  I wonder if she will be a good mom? Nature will have to kick in, because she sure didn't seem like she would be.

I am taking a few minutes to rest from shoveling mud and wet manure (heavy) before cleaning bathrooms and finally getting to that lemon marmalade canning.  I am excited but a little apprehensive as I have never done this before.  I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out....

Tonight is Prom night, but I don't even get pictures, because my son is planning to get ready in the locker room after the meet!  They are going in a group of friends, rather than with dates, so I guess it could be more sad.  It is also only Junior year - next year he WILL let me take pictures.  I guess my freshman in college didn't get enough of prom, because she is also going (it's her last eligible year) as are some of her fellow recent graduates, but somehow that is less exciting...partially because her hair is crayon red and although I respect the need for a young adult to assert her own identity and try new things, I am just not used to it.  In the nicest possible way, I think she looks like a cartoon.

Off to wield the mop, broom, and cloth.  I hope everyone has a lovely day.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What is with kids when parents want to take pictures. They don't mind their friends taking them , they drop everything to be in a photo. Somethings I just can't figure out.

NancyDe said...

FBMKW, I was delighted I actually was able to post on your blog - for some reason, my internet hates the second comment page. That was my third or fourthe try! I don't know about teenagers, sometimes, but to give him the benefit of the doubt, I think he wanted to save me a trip - it didn't even occur to him that I might even want pictures. My oldest got ready for her senior prom at a friend's - so I only saw what got posted on FB.