Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wonderful Day!

I had my sister for a day!  I haven't seen her much - last summer for a day or two and then probably two years before that for a few days.  She's been living in Europe and recently moved back to the states and was in Hawaii visiting our parents.  It was very nice, although all those words I don't get to say much (being with kids all day and mostly being a quiet person) came pouring out - I hope I didn't bore her.

My son had a lesson down in Hilo for a couple of hours, so I drove around with my sister, looking for a red ti leaf plant.  Apparently, my son needs it for a class.  I saw lots of hybrid ti plants (green and red mixed) but the really nice all red ones were all in people's yards, and I wasn't quite at the point of stopping and asking if I could pick....especially since he needs a WHOLE plant, not just a leaf or two.

I usually have luck looking for vegetation down Railroad Ave., but today, all I found was a very starved and dirty puppy.  I stopped the car, called the puppy, who came running over, popped him in my car and drove him to the Humane Society.  He had ticks and was covered in excrement.  I didn't want to take him home because of my own dogs, and if the vet at the Human Society can cure him, he will be a lovely puppy for someone - he looked to be a pit bull/hunting dog mix.  I really think someone dumped at the end of that road in the forest.

We have been letting our chickens out during the day - and it has been harder and harder to get them back in - it isn't that they don't want to get back in, but a few will get stuck in the horse stall and not be able to figure out how to get where they are supposed to be, and I end up chasing creatures this way and that - forget herding cats: herding chickens amidst sheep is much harder.  One of my girls is getting broody, so I marked all her eggs with a sharpie and then reach in to get the new eggs out every day.  Really hoping she will sit the whole 21 days.  I would love to have some chicks!  In the past, my buffs have sat for like 19 days and then get up - which is so irritating.

I need to catch up with everyone else's blog.  It's been difficult since my internet has been spotty in the evenings, and when I try to load pages, it says the pages aren't responding.  I would love to have very good internet out here.

The kids had a good bonfire last night, and I see that my husband corralled some of the boys to use the chainsaw they brought over to chop up some of our overgrown, low hanging cypress branches - it will be nice fuel for future bonfires.

My eleven year old took it upon herself to make French Silk Pie.  I drove my sister to the airport, and left her to it - it is a fairly big project for a kid who has never made a pie crust.  I told her to wait, but she thought she would just get through it on her own - because sometimes my "wait" turns into "not today" and then "maybe next weekend".... I suppose I had better go check in on her, because it is not only a pie crust, it is a baked pie shell....  As I ran in from the airport run and then ran out to feed and chase chickens - I checked her various steps.  She was doing okay at that point.  At least, I talked her out of the meringue - that would be tricky on your own for your first pie.  We have a lot of eggs, so maybe we'll try that tomorrow.


Renee's Reality said...

I'm glad you were able to spend the day with your sister. My 2 sister's are my very best friends. :) When I read that your 11 year old is baking, I thought to myself, I should get my girls in the kitchen more... I have control issues I need to work on. lol Have a great day.

NancyDe said...

Oh, Renee, I was like that with my older kid a little bit, and I regret it - just give your girls their own little bowl and deal with the mess - you will be glad you did. Marybeth made that whole pie, crust and all, without my help. My older son is a baker, too - at least, he can make cookies - out of desperation, because if he doesn't make them, he doesn't get them. My baking is mostly bread for the week type baking, and I never buy store bought baked goods.

Chai Chai said...

I think it is very hard on families the last 20 years or so as children have to move all over the country to find work and pursue careers instead of living their lives in the vicinity of their home towns. The Commander and I live away from our families so I understand how happy you must have been to spend time with your sister. Did the two of you go riding?

NancyDe said...

Nope, we just sat around and talked. My sister doesn't ride - no one really does, except me, in my family.