Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now I wish I had talked to the farrier...

before he got here.  My freaky gray horse is quite hyper this evening, and I am wondering how that rodeo went.  Most of the time, he is awesome when you pick up his feet, once he stops trying to back up into the next county to get away from you....but somedays, his nuts days, he forgets that he knows who you are and he's off and running.

I just noticed that he chased the paint out and Ohia knocked out some of the electric fence on the way out.  Gib also spread all his food in a thin layer across the stall floor - a new thing, which probably tells me the trimming and fussing wasn't a fun time.  I questioned my husband, but he said, "I don't know; I was busy."

My farrier is a saint, and possibly one of the best trainers I know.  He is very patient and takes his time, but I do wish I had given him a heads up.

I must say, the horses look lovely with their new trimmed feet.

No lambs, yet.  Minnie is taking her time, but her udder is quite large these days, much bigger today than yesterday, so can't be long.

Off to make dinner!  Stroganoff.  Just had a hankering for it.

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