Saturday, April 16, 2011


Inflation of all sorts:

Minnie's udder and belly are inflating.  I swear her belly is almost dragging on the ground.  I don't expect her to deliver for another week, but if she gets any bigger, she will have to roll rather than walk.

Food and gas.  I still don't understand why economist's don't count food and gas in the inflation index.  Food and gas (sometimes in the form of electricity) are what people buy.  All the rest is extra, really.  Perhaps some people in Washington need to get out more.  Gas is $4.49 for regular here - and Kona is even higher.  It's going up 5 -10 cents a week. Because we live on an island, that means mostly everything, if you don't produce your own, comes from somewhere else - fuel increases means price increases!

The only thing that seems to be deflating is my time to do everything!

Today, the plan is to bake the bread for the week and maybe make some pudding or lemon curd out of the abundance of egg in my fridge.  I have a funeral to attend this afternoon.  I would like to get some more seeds started since my husband made more tables out in the greenhouse.  At least that would mean some time outside.  The rains have stopped for the moment, but it is quite hot and muggy because the storm to the north of the islands is pulling the south winds up over the state.  At least it isn't too voggy today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Gas is going way up here too, tho not as high as you are. It's close to $4 a gallon. I am trying to consolidate trips to town and not make as many, but it seems the days I plan not to drive the 3 1/2 miles one way, something always pops up. Hope your babies arrive safe and sound. Poor momma! She must be miserable.

RAILBIRD said...

We are getting the vog on Oahu. Been blowin' Kona the past few days

Chai Chai said...

Gas prices drive food prices, everyone knows that. If the knuckleheads in DC think they can fool anyone by not include fuel and food in the inflation formula it won't will become obvious to even the most partisan person at the grocery store.

NancyDe said...

@Ruth, I think she is a bit - she is just waddling around and breathing fast. I think I am going to need to start checking her more often....

@Railbird, ha! blew right past us up to you. It's so much worse here when we do get it, because at least by the time it hits you, some of the particulates have settled out - we get the full sulfur effect.

@Chai Chai, I agree with you! I laughed when I heard the analyst say, "When you don't include food and gas..." I mean, who doesn't include food and gas - besides my mortgage, those are my biggest bills!

Renee's Reality said...

With all the prices going up it really helps me kick it into gear the garden I hope to grow. I've been starting seeds inside. Most of my South facing windows are all crowded with peet pots.
The gas prices here on the Oregon Coast (last time I checked a few days ago) are $3.89 for regular.

NancyDe said...

Renee, I am so lucky to have a greenhouse - not for cold, but to protect from the rain, which has been excessive and is acid from the Volcano to boot. My husband has some big plans for infrastructure, so I have been instructed to wait for the outside gardening, which means I am sort of limited in what I can grow in the greenhouse space.

My goal is 10,000 square feet of garden space - someday. I do have three mala (dryland taro plot): one large, one smallish, and one tiny (different kinds of taro). I think the huli (taro starts) my husband put in weren't deep enough, so we may have go redo those.