Saturday, April 23, 2011

Really NEED to Ride

I just finished helping the 13 year old with some homework - very impressed that he is doing his homework on Saturday afternoon instead of waiting until 8 pm on Sunday, but have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with chore avoidance. I looked out the window to the pasture and see the two geldings standing head to head like they are carrying on a conversation.  I whistle and they both look up toward the window, and I am overcome with a longing to get up and ride.

I always put my chores first, and in practicality, that means the horses tend to be lawn mowers/ornaments.  I have to admit, we got out of the habit of riding often while Ohia was going through his lameness issues, and it probably hasn't done Crazy Horse Gib any harm to have a relaxed time to calm down from whatever nutso environment made him so afraid of everything.  Having us in his stall all the time is helping, too.

I am making a promise to myself - I am going to fold that one load of laundry and straighten up the dining room and kitchen - and I WILL ride.

I am also planning to make Polish Easter cheese today.  It won't be ready by tomorrow - so it will be more like Polish Week After Easter Cheese, but I am going to try it.  It makes me bummed that I have no dairy animal and I had to buy all the cottage cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese to make it, and it makes me want to call that person on CL and buy that pregnant Dexter today, but at least I will make the jump into cheese making.  I will let you know how it goes.

On the Minnie front: no lambs, huge udder, waddling gate, but still has her appetite, so maybe a few more days yet.  


Lisa said...

I rode yesterday for the first time in more than 4 months and it was great! I had to wait for the snow to melt and the ground to dry out. Now that I've been back in the saddle,I'm eager to get out there again!

NancyDe said...

Lisa, I don't have the "snow" excuse - so I have "no" excuse! It's great you were able to get out there and ride.

Chai Chai said...

Is lack of appetite an indicator of impending lambing?

NancyDe said...

It was for my other two ewes, so I figured it was the same for her.... It might have been the lambs got so big there just wasn't room for her to eat much. I remember that feeling right before I gave birth to my almost 11 lb daughter.