Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Usual Complications

Having four kids means a lot of change.  I am sure God made my life like this because I was always fond of a routine.  Now, each day if different and I need to keep 5 or 6 schedules in my head.

Last night, both girls (18 and 11) were supposed to be out and about, so we took the boys to the "cheap theater".  That was the intention anyway.  Halfway through dinner, my 11 year old's teacher chaperone for the campout called from half way up Mauna Kea and said he was bringing the lot of them down, because my daughter had thrown up.  I left the men of the house at the movie, and drove back to the school to wait an hour in the parking lot.  At least, I satisfied the security guard at the gate's curiosity - he was wondering why that bus was coming in early....

Now I am worried about my girl, though.  She has been heading into the health room several times in the last couple of weeks with stomachaches - which I just thought was her being tired and dramatic, but now, with the vomiting and the pain when I push on her upper left abdomen and the fact that she's lost 2 lbs in the last week, I am getting slightly worried.  However, she is running around, as usual, talking up a storm.  I am in a quandary, because they have a school camping trip early next week that I know she doesn't want to miss, and she really does look fine today, except for the weight loss and slight side pain.  I think I am going to let her go on the huaka'i and schedule a doctor's appointment for the following day.

Today, I dropped my son off at his track meet and ran some errands before his 1500 m race - told him I wanted to watch all, but couldn't - which race would be the one he wanted someone to be there watching most.  He picked that one, the one Coach wants him to focus on most.  He ran it in 5:00 flat, which is better than last time, but not quite what he wanted to make.  It's fairly early days, yet, though.  He needs to take about 10 seconds off his time to qualify for States - but he couldn't go anyway, because the Behind The Wheel classes for Driver's Ed are sacrosanct.  Always so complicated....

The whole thing took the entire morning, so now, I know I need to get going on at least one project: making lemon marmalade (my first venture into canning), cleaning animal housing, or doing housework.  The eleven year old votes for the housecleaning, because she thinks it could be done fast enough to allow for time to ride, but I am dying to jump into canning....hmmm, decisions, decisions.


Renee's Reality said...

I'm sorry to hear your daughter has been so sick here lately. I hope and pray she gets better and that she has no more pain.
I know exactly what you mean with trying to keep so many schedules :)
Good luck with your canning! Its so much fun!

NancyDe said...

Thanks, Renee. I am going to let her go on the sixth grade campout, but if she still has stomach aches when she comes home, I will take her to the doctor.