Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Ram and Merrie Monarch

I just went to pick out my new ram.  I can't pick him up until he is weaned, but he is a nice big Dorper twin.  Now I need to decide whether I want to buy a ewe, too.  They are offering me a decent looking pregnant yearling.  I think I will go for that, because that would mean another Dorper out of their nice ram, then cross my fingers for a ewe lamb.

I am going to keep Cal (the streaky black and white ram lamb) and sell Sam (my black ram lamb) - then I will have three rams - two kathahdin/barbados, and one Dorper.  Keeping three lines might get confusing, but I will have to figure it out.

Tomorrow is the May Day celebration at my kids' middle school.  The 13 year old feels lucky to have missed the hula/singing round this year, but my 11 year old is dancing tomorrow.  I love May Day celebrations!  This week is Merrie Monarch week - a very big week in Hilo.  There is a week-long celebration of Hula with competitions in auana hula and kahiko hula - for both wahine and kane.  I watch it on tv, because it never occurs to me to get tickets until it is much, much too late - and after waiting for two hours on the free night one year and not even getting in... Halau come from all over the world to compete or even just to do an exhibition - there is a big craft fair and a parade, too.

Even though I will just be watching the hula on tv tomorrow night - tomorrow morning, I am going to sneak out of work for an hour to watch my little girl (and all of the other kids in her grade....) dance hula.  She is busy ironing her muumuu and making her ti leaf lei.

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The Sumerlin Dorper Farm said...

YAY! You got a Dorper! I bet you will love them! Congrats :)