Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's for Dinner?

I am so very tired today, and I really, really don't know what to cook for dinner.

Digital Media is becoming a whole 'nother dimension at work.  I never don't have kids in my room, which is actually fine, but today we were trying to rip a DVD for a teacher whose father had passed away - we made a slideshow for her, but we needed to get it on DVD for the service.  That worked, but we were working on a deadline and it was mildly stressful - I really wanted it to work so it wouldn't be one more stress for her.  

Another teacher needed to film her classes and make a video and that was sort of a zoo because the SD card she bought was too small, so we had to lend her our club one.  Not a problem, just confusing and difficult to manage.  The camera was being temperamental today and some of the footage got lost.

It was very nice to come home and inspect the tomato plants - almost all of my 22 plants are starting tomatoes - I am hoping to get a bunch at the same time for canning purposes - these are indeterminate tomatoes, so crossing fingers.  My two kinds of basil are up to the four leaf stage - I love that intense smell.

My husband planted a whole lot of taro huli today!  The mala is now a lot bigger than my previous taro patch, so I am pretty excited about that.  It looks a bit like bun long variety, based on the one corm that got mixed in with the keiki, which would be cool - although my last attempt at bun long didn't do so well.  Bun Long is a Chinese taro - good for poi and good for chips.

Minnie is bagging up pretty well and waddling all over the pasture.  I still think we have another week - week and a half until she lambs, but it sure looks like she needs to pop.  I am hoping there is a single lamb for her first lambing, but she is enormous!

So what are you all making for dinner?  I am absolutely out of ideas.

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