Sunday, May 1, 2011

Minnie's Behavior - We May be in Labor

She is standing 50 feet away from the others and stamping her feet, stretching her back, and looking at her stomach.  I do believe we are in labor - or possibly, the lamb(s) are very active and irritating her today.  Only the next few hours will tell, I guess.

My son had his last Confirmation class today! Very happy to say that, after defending it to grumpy dad for two years(why did we go to the far church, why did they have to have it on Sunday after Mass, why is Confirmation two years now, it was one year back in the day etc. etc.).  In two weeks, my parents will be coming over for the big day.  I am a sponsor this year, too - my student asked me to sponsor her, which was quite an honor.

We went to a funeral at the beach, and my eleven year old was excited because that meant she got to go to her Makali'i training - which was a sailing lesson today.  (She didn't really know the man who'd died - we're more friends with his mother and brother).  I had a terrible headache (day 8 of the big headache), so I took a nap.

Some mom instinct in me woke me up, because I was expecting my oldest home from work and she hadn't come.  It is close enough to walk, but I am a worry wort.  I called her, though, and she picked up a few more hours, which is great.  She wants to take a year off college and move to the mainland in the fall to get residency in a different state.  I am very torn - I am so proud of her wanting to try to make it on her own - but she is so young!  And I think things are going to get worse before they get better and am worried about her being able to get a job and I am worried that she won't go back to many worries.  More hours means she will get to her goal faster, though.

And when I woke up to worry about that - I looked out in the pasture and saw Minnie.  Hoping for an easy delivery and a healthy lamb.  It's her first time, so not really expecting two - but she is quite rotund, so maybe I am wrong.

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Grandpa said...

Great things happening there Nan.

Well done to your boy, and don't worry too much about the girl she'll do well I'm sure.

All the best with Minnie and the new arrival.

Life on The Farm