Monday, May 2, 2011

Lamb pics

from my phone this morning.  I hope to get more later on a real camera.


Renee's Reality said...

Awwweee! How cute!!!!!

Chai Chai said...

I like them, a nice mix of black and white. We need more pictures.

Grandpa said...

So you've got two then - not bad for a first timer. Happy for you!

Life on The Farm

NancyDe said...

Sorry, Chai Chai - feel awful this afternoon - and I NEED to go to work tomorrow, so pics may have to wait until tomorrow.

Grandpa, I was pretty surprised - this ewe is great - parasite resistant, easy keeper, and now twins her on her first go. Definitely have to keep her genetics - glad one of them is a ewe. I really have too many ram lambs - out of the six born this season, four were ram lambs.

The Sumerlin Dorper Farm said...

They are so cute!!! I love little lambs!