Sunday, May 15, 2011

Productive Day

I cleaned the stalls and put fresh straw in the sheep stall, and I transplanted some peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant.  I didn't grade papers, but I did think about the transfer from HCPS III to CCSS which was mind-bending enough as far as work goes.

Tonight is my son's Confirmation, my parents and step-parents are in town.  My mom and step-dad are staying here, and my youngest and my mom are making a baked pie shell or two that I am meant to fill with melted chocolate (I told my daughter to melt it in her solar oven as a practice run for this week's task/test in science) and lemon curd, which I have as yet to make.  I sent a kid out to pick two lemons for that, and I certainly have enough eggs.

I am making an egg puff for lunch topped with tomatoes, green onion, and basil from my greenhouse.  The only thing not produced on my property will be the cheese - that's the next big dream: dairy animal and cheese-making.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Renee's Reality said...

Sounds very productive!!
Isn't it great when you use veggies that you grew yourself...right out of your back yard!! I LOVE that feeling. I will dream with you on owning a dairy producing animal ;)

Leigh said...

Chocolate and lemon? Together? Hmm. I'd have to think about that. Chocolate and lemon are my two best favorite flavors. I love it that you did an almost entirely homegrown lunch. I actually tried my hand at a first batch of cheese. Technically it was a flop, but it melts great in scrambled eggs.

NancyDe said...

Well, Leigh, we actually ended up making lemon meringue - I wasn't sure about the chocolate and lemon either, but my mom swore it was great.

Renee, we'll just both have to keep dreaming - unless I try the sheep someday....