Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh My Goodness!

What a crazy day I am having!

I had to get my latest news story burned on dvd and Fed Ex'd to the PBS station on Oahu.  I was supposed to upload it through cyberduck, but it won't go.  I am going to have to drive to Starbucks to try upload from there, because I suspect a blocked port here.

But here is a sneak peek!  (If you live in Hawaii, we're airing on Monday at 5 pm on PBS Hawaii).

That was a fun day - and it sure makes me want goats.  They may be hard to contain, but they are much less loud and annoying than my sheep.

Speaking of sheep - I am going to pick up my Dorpers today, a pregnant ewe and the ram lamb (tentatively named Spot).  I forgot my dog crate!  I have to put them in the back of my very old station wagon.  Fortunately, there are still layers of feed bags in the back from last week's straw buying trip.

I also forgot the taro hulis I was meant to bring the Kumu at my kids' school...but knowing him, I bet he won't remember, either, so that will probably be all good.


Chai Chai said...

When I read the comment you made that "goats are less loud and annoying than my sheep" I laughed and laughed. You have not spent enough time around goats or you would understand the error of that statement. The goats want and will demand your attention, goats crying out at the top of their lungs is an everyday occurrence around here!

NancyDe said...

Chai Chai, I have owned goats in the past - maybe it is just my sheep, but they are definitely louder than the goats I have owned and the goats at the goat dairy! Minnie has a deafening bellow - and my new Dorper ewe has a pair of lungs on her, too.