Friday, May 27, 2011

Three Day Weekend

If it were the end of school, like it is for every other school this year, this wouldn't matter.  But since I have almost two more weeks left - I suppose I should be grateful for a three day weekend!

However, because our registrar wants our grades early, I need to wrap up my classes on Tuesday.  We have student led conferences on Wednesday and Thursday, and three foolish, wasted days (because our grades are due early, and the kids know it).  Not good planning.  That means I really wish I had Monday for classes to help the stragglers with their monster papers I assigned four weeks ago and which are due on Tuesday.  Also, not good planning.

I am also not done completely with the student led conference schedule, it being my year to do that duty.  Mostly, I spent today in a very long meeting, then staring at the student led conference schedule, and then driving my son around to get his work permit and documentation done, as he has a federally funded internship this summer (yay, kid!).  It's in a biology facility, even though they hired him to do computer work, so maybe growing plants will rub off on the boy - although I think his boss is more of a DNA guy than a greenhouse guy.

I am end-of-the year frazzled and yesterday's kicked anthill and sorrow for not understanding that one of my students wasn't just blowing stuff off - she was really hurting - it makes me pretty upset.  I think tomorrow, I need to sleep a little and pray a lot.  I went to church this afternoon while my son was in his last driver's ed class (he passed: again, "yay, kid!") in time for the Exposition.  I had time to pray for my student and her family, and for my own family.  It was peaceful and a good thing.


RAILBIRD said...

We are also praying for all the things you are praying for.

NancyDe said...

Thanks, RB. Keep those prayers coming!