Sunday, May 1, 2011

Minnie's new arrivals.

Well, Minnie got a little confused and left the ewe alone, but we got everyone sorted out and confined her in the jug with her two little ones.  They aren't that big, but they've nursed and are lively, had their navels dipped and everyone is doing well.

My little girl left the stall open and the horses got out in the yard.  Gib led me on a merry chase for a 45 minutes or so - he is DARN hard to catch, even with a bucket of grain.  I finally just asked for some angels to just get on and ride already - I was only half joking - and sure enough he turned around and ran right into the stall and out to the pasture.  I was laughing, but most of it was relief - because I am covered with amniotic fluid, dirt and a little bit of blood and I need a bath.

Notice my priorities...I stopped to blog about it before having my bath.

I will post pictures tomorrow after work :).


Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Hee hee... Bath's just take up time we don't have. Gotta love them horses, don't you? Thank goodness the angels heard you. Pictures of the new babies? Please!

Renee's Reality said...

Congrats on your new arrivals!
I'm looking forward to seeing pictures :)

NancyDe said...

I will post some after work. No light in the barn - it was too dark even with the flashlights last night. They are doing well this morning, however.