Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fencing Issues

The sheep have discovered that they can get under the electric fencing.  I hate when things go wrong with fences.  I have to keep the sheep confined to their stall and their dry pen until we can figure it out to protect my taro, olive trees and other fruit trees.  I think that taro in large amounts isn't good for sheep either - so I am protecting them, too.  This is not a fun thing.  

I think that maybe the fence has a faulty connection somewhere, but at the moment, I can not find it. 

They got out again this afternoon - I just had to grab Elvis with a dog leash and a can of feed and they all followed him to the barn.  Except, of course, the new Dorpers, who are still confused.  They led me on a merry chase - the ram lamb jumped over the horse water trough and the ewe fell in, necessitating a rescue.  I think she is too pregnant to really be agile (I remember the feeling well).  

I think I am going to have enough cucumbers to make pickles and eat cucumbers fresh in great amounts.  My tomatoes have a lot of fruit, although I am just getting a few a day at the moment.  I do want a bunch to get ripe at the same time so I can try my hand at canning sauce.  Based on the blossoms on my eggplants, I may get a good amount of the asian long eggplant - so good for stir fry and curry.  I wish I'd planted more peas, they aren't as prolific as I'd hoped.  I have two kinds of peppers: Jalapeno and bell, but the plants are growing slowly.  

I have chicken thighs in the crock pot (making bbq shredded chicken sandwiches for dinner) and bread in the oven, and I made a batch of my "treasure cookies" - they should probably be called "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" Cookies.  We're going to the late Mass because my daughter got called in to work, so we'll eat pretty late tonight.  I need to write a test for Period 5 and print out some other things for periods 3 and 4, and there are at least 6 loads of laundry waiting to be folded.  Just a normal Sunday.  


Chai Chai said...

I hate how the sheep panic and try ridiculously impossible stunts and leaps that always end in spilled water or cracked heads.

I know what you mean about fences, I don't have enough and the sheep are too tricky for their own good.

I have an award for you....I know, more work!

Rain said...

Lovely blog!! I miss my Shetland sheep-we went from 2 to eleven over the years before we had to give them to different friends! And my last two delightful little Nigerian dwarf boys (wethers) went to charming young lady who had two and one died unexpectedly-and she needed a buddy for him! I took them for walks up the road to neighbors for animal crackers and she really loved doing that! Am looking forward to reading your past and future posts-~~
Rain~from way over on the most eastern part of the country-Maine!!

NancyDe said...

Yay! Chai Chai - how'd you guess that's what I wanted most: MORE WORK! :0.

Welcome, Rain! I have always wanted to visit Maine. I do have a sister- and brother-in-law in Vermont, but we've never visited them there.