Friday, May 13, 2011

Miracles Never Cease

I called home to ask my 18 year old to clean certain areas of the house and she answered with, "I am already trying."  I don't know if that qualifies as a miracle (especially as I don't know what "trying" meant), but I will take it.

Also, the morning meeting went well.  The regular DOE (I work at a charter) has already done the work that I was planning to do today in correlating the new Common Core State Standards to our Hawaii Content Performance Standards, and although the results for the 9th and 10th grade standards is dismal, at least the initial part of it doesn't need to be done by me.  Phew.  Fortunately, we were already ahead of the game in the 11th and 12th grade levels, so most of the rewriting needs to come in the lower levels.

I will need to rewrite all the curriculum for the lower division classes at our school, but since we never did have text books all it will take is the sweat of my brow.

On the farm end of things, the weather has been junk and now we have south winds, which means vog again.  I hope it doesn't kill my olive trees.  The young couple I bought them from said it would not.  We'll see.  I am going to head to the feed store to buy some straw bales to plant potatoes.  I hope it works, and that our wet weather won't defeat the potato growing attempt, because I really cook with a lot of potatoes.

My tomatoes are starting to ripen.  I am getting a few each day, which means cheese and tomato sandwiches, cheese and tomato salad.  I am hoping for a big harvest all at once somewhere along the way so I can try my hand at canning tomato sauce.  The taro my husband planted a month ago is doing very well in all the rain we've had.  I need to let more lau (leaves) develop - but I keep looking out there and thinking of chicken luau....  Now we have three varieties of taro growing.

3 and a half weeks left.

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