Sunday, October 24, 2010


Because I drove to the back of the barn, the dogs were intrigued enough to come to see what was up.  I decided to introduce them to the sheep.  Balto and the ram (should his name be Harvey, George, or Elvis?) actually licked each other's noses.  Melly, the supposed sheep dog, didn't want to meet the sheep.  Cinnamon is the one I am going to have to worry about.  She and Dodi, the ram, and Minnie all sniffed noses, but Cinnamon was waaaay too excited.

I bought fencing yesterday, so hopefully I can convince my husband to put it up.  I don't think I can take another week of worrying about "lamb blender" situation.  Also, with it up, I can lock the ram out and clean the stall better.  He tolerates me being in there waving a rake around for about 10 minutes, but then he starts looking like he will come butt me.  He likes to come over and lean up against us to get a full body massage, but I am still not used to body language - are you coming over to get pets or do you want to ram me?  My daughter brushed him with the horse brush yesterday, he looked like he was in heaven.

Now all the sheep will let me pet them, even shy Dodi.  This is a good thing, because if we end up having to help her with her lambing, she needs to be able to tolerate us touching her.

I made 40 cinnamon rolls yesterday.  I love having my new huge stainless mixing bowl.  It was a cheapie thing at Wal Mart, but what a help.  I can mix 8-9 cups of flour into dough without any trouble.  My 12 year old who is sometimes just like a sour little old man, told me that my cooking stinks and he wouldn't be eating anything I made any time soon - but when those cinnamon rolls came out of the oven, he was first in line and he took the biggest one.  I told him he was a funny, funny kid - he agreed.

Time to get moving - need to feed and make breakfast.  We are going to an afternoon Mass for the Religious Ed kids so we got to sleep in and have time to have a big breakfast together.

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