Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sheep have their pen!

Yesterday they ran out, gladly.  Today, Minnie and her Ma went out, then came back in, and the ram (still needs a steady name - he has three right now out on trial basis) just wanted to lean on me and get his daily dose of petting.  I finally just propped the gate open and "left" to give them water and take care of the chicks.  I am going to try them out for an hour to an hour and half and see how everyone does.

It sure makes it easier to clean the pen with them out of it.

I am feeling a little ambivalent.  I let my youngest daughter go to trick-or-treat and spend the night with a classmate.  My teenagers have their own plans, and that leaves my 12 year old in a bind.  He is too old to trick or treat alone with his parents, and he hasn't made plans/invited anyone.  We live rural enough that we need to drive to a neighborhood in town, or up by the Volcano Golf Course.  He is saying he doesn't want to go, but I have a hard time believing it.  I feel sad; perhaps I should have told my daughter to spend the time with us.

I am feeling a bit draggy today.  I know I have to start the baking and the laundry, but really having a hard time motivating myself!  I think I might be catching a little bit of a cold.  Hope it passes quickly.  This is the time of year that all the students come in and sneeze on the teachers. You'd think they'd know better by high school!

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