Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I voted!

The three kids in K-12 all had school today, although my school is off and so is the university.  We woke up our college kid to make her vote on the way back from dropping the other three off.  She promptly went back to bed as soon as we got home - I guess the Halloween weekend she spent with her friend in town was a little much.

I am out of alfalfa pellets, mostly, so just turned the sheep out and cut them a huge sheaf of grass as well.  My husband tilled the garden and we put up a temporary fence to see if we can train the dogs to stop digging in that area.  I took advantage of the sunny weather and the tilled garden area to plant black beans, beets, mustard cabbage, turnips, daikon, carrots, and cucumbers.  The seeds are getting fairly old, so we'll see what comes up.  Nice that we have a fairly steady climate all year, so we can grow things year round.

I have to drive down twice to get the kids - two directly after school, and one at 5:30 after practice.  In between the driving, I hope to put a lot of the cut grass in the chicken coop as cheap straw replacement, and clean the sheep pen and horse stalls.

I have a slightly sore throat and feel pretty tired - people are dropping left and right at school with a virus.  I hope this is the extent of it, though.

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