Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday Drive

Sunday started off productively. I stripped the sheep stall down to the bare floor, sprinkled some diatomaceous earth and rebedded the whole thing.  However, when I headed inside to accomplish the other things on my To Do List, my husband decided he wanted to take a Sunday drive down to Punalu'u Beach.  It is quite a distance, so I pulled out the camera.  I thought we were going to the public beach park where there are usually honu (giant sea turtles) but we went over by the heiau, an ancient Hawaiian worship place.  I still took pictures....

I found this bit of coral and thought it would make a good picture. 

 Beautiful sky.
 A friend and his little girl.  The kids are running over the beach bare foot...tough feet!
 My husband is fishing - we didn't catch anything.
 The kids are swimming - there is a little protected part right in front of this rock - otherwise, these seas are too rough.  Actually, the tide was coming up, and the kids had a scary moment when they were dragged through the surf. We got them, of course. This was a good lesson - don't turn your back on the ocean.
 Even in the rocks, the naupaka grows.
This is why the Big Island, at least the east side is not highly popular with beach going tourists - they stick to Maui or Oahu.

A better picture of the kids.

A close up of Naupaka.  There is a Romeo and Juliet type legend surrounding this flower - two unhappy lovers were separated.  One is banished to the seaside and one to the mountains.  The flowers are in half to show they are missing the other lover.
I couldn't find any Honu, but here's a sign about them!  They love the black sand beaches and will come to sun themselves.  Black sand beaches are very hot in the summer. 

This a picture of one of the heiau at Punalu'u.  The Hawaiian people would worship at these sites.  Punalu'u is on the path of a series of heiau and sacred sites.

A dried up old coconut.
A hiker must have brought the coconut from the grove in the middle distance behind this smaller Heiau.
The waves were fairly large.  You can see how rocky the coast line is.  Our island is still young, and there aren't many sand beaches.
A clearer view of the coconut grove and the ranch behind.
I just thought the sweep of the mountains behind the beach was beautiful!
That wave in the middle of the picture is much larger than it looks: the cliffs there are about 20 feet high.  The lava in the fore ground is a'a lava, rough lava which when it was flowing was full of gases, which left it rough and sharp.

A view of the beach from the heiau.

Part of this beach is rocks.  I love the smooth textures.  Once while camping here, I found a poi pounder.

I hope you enjoyed our Sunday drive!  The whole drive there, all I could think of was how much I wasn't doing at home - but once I got there, the beach worked its magic!  


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I am in a word star struck. It is a dream of mine to visit Hawaii. Maybe one day my dream will come true. The pictures are amazing!!!

NancyDe said...

I am glad you liked the pictures! It was a beautiful day.

Grandpa said...

Nice photos Nan, and the surrounding is nice and peaceful - I think I can live there. So it was a productive drive too for you and family - good break for you.

NancyDe said...

Grandpa, I miss Oahu, but it would be much harder to homestead there, so this island is nice, too.... It was a break for 2/3 of the family. The older kids had homework! Why they waited til day four of a four day weekend is beyond me!

Chai Chai said...

DE is great, I use it for both the sheep and the goats. A couple times a year I actually sprinkle some on the animals themselves.

What lovely scenery, the surf does look a bit rough though.

Looks like you can add Beyond My Kitchen Window to the list of folks behind Faith to rent out the old cabin.

NancyDe said...

Chai Chai, at first I didn't want the kids to go in, but the area just in front of the rock was fairly calm. My kids were helping the younger kids; I was proud of them.

Anyone who wants to rent out the cabin should be fond of horses, sheep, and chickens...the cabin is attached to the barn, but it will be a nice place someday!

Faith said...


Such gorgeous scenery of places you never usually see on the postcards. I'm sending this link to my sister in Honolulu to have her check it out.

Again, I am blown away by things I never knew. It's so wonderful to see these photos, Nancy. Thanks!

That first one is so cool. I took a copy, thinking I would crop it and send it to you a certain way, but when I looked at the full image I saw all sorts of interesting things below. A sledgehammer - you must bring it along to help in treasure hunting.

The kids look like they are having a ball. What fun to be able to swim in the ocean all year around. :o)


NancyDe said...

The sledgehammer was to pound the fishing pole holder into the ground. Still didn't work, nobody caught anything - I think it was just an excuse to go to the beach!

Did you notice my daughter is wearing clothes - Ms. Sulky decided she was being coerced into going and didn't bring her suit. Didn't stop her at all, though once we got there!

frugalmom said...

Oh my goodness. As I sit in the midst of snow and freezing rain...I must say that your pictures look delightful. Seeing the beach and the kids in bathing suits...sigh.
I am so layered up right now...gotta go break ice on the water buckets!!
Thanks for the lovely and warm pictures :-)

NancyDe said...

Frugalmom, I looked at your snow pictures today - looks beautiful, but probably too cold for me! I am sure my kids wouldn't be all that worried about missing school for snow - they have to wait for the very rare hurricane approach for weather days...the last one was 2007!