Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just not feeling well...

but chores (and Student Led Conference week) don't stop for sick.  Tomorrow is the last day for conferences and one teacher is already out with step (which is what I think I have, too).  Yes, I understand that I am not being a good citizen going to work sick, and I will take off on Friday and go to the doctor, but short handed as we are...I can't take off.  I am the "point person" for this school event, and a sub just can't sit on a kids' panel the same way a teacher can.  (Well, one of our subs could- she is awesome and knows the kids very well, but...still).

Today at feeding time was fairly hairy.  I had to improvise this morning, and I am sure everyone was hungry.  I didn't go to town yesterday because of election day, and I didn't think ahead so I had to stretch one meal's worth of food over two meals.  The sheep were fairly frantic by the time I got home.

The sheep are in a horse stall with a small pen attached.  There is a little grass, but they like their alfalfa.  I gave them a taste of wet cubes (so they'd be soft) yesterday, so the ram knew what they were.  He saw the horses eating their dinner, and since their stall (next to his) was cracked open the least bit, he pushed in and ran under the mare and started chowing down.  The mare was fairly upset, particularly when he was up under her.  She "tried" to kick him - but it was more like she was making the point, because nothing landed on him.

I don't want to irritate my husband, but I really do need gates to get to all the animals.  It doesn't work if I have to cut through other pens/stalls to get to various critters.  I know he worked very hard to get the sheep pen up and functional with the soft ground (lots and lots of rain means lots and lots of mud), but to not put in a gate ...well, (he wasn't around) I just laughed and laughed when I first saw it. The chickens were locked in the middle of the sheep pen, and I couldn't see anyway beyond climbing over stall panels to get to them.  My husband did make it so two of the stall panels could open like gates, but there isn't any outside access to the chickens or the sheep.  Makes life interesting, and keeps me on my toes about closing gates behind me.

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