Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Plans

I guess I confused my brain with a mid-week day off.  I found myself wondering why I had so many bags of alfalfa cubes on a Monday - before I realized it is actually Friday.

Friday morning at work means meetings.  I generally loathe meetings, particularly meetings which are purely information dissemination and meetings which involve veiled threats and harangues.  Basically, this means I bring my computer and listen with half a brain devoted to the topic of the meeting and half a brain devoted to either farm/house stuff, or with curriculum stuff.  I wouldn't be as blatant as some teachers I have seen who grade papers while sitting in a meeting, but I have been known to alternate between a word document with meeting notes and one called "To Do".

Today's "To Do" is quite lengthy.  ("Hugangous" as the kids say.), and on the bottom are the rudimentary notes for a chicken tractor for my new chicks.  They are all feathered out and I would like to get them out of their enclosed coop, but with the hen dying of some illness and the other hens being six months older, I should have other housing for them.  I love chicken tractors, because you can put them over unused portions of garden, or even grass, and have them clear and manure a section for you.

We used to have a hoop structure which was great, but only portable if it was dragged by the tractor or the SUV.  I am looking for something I can drag with a little human help.  It as to be mongoose and dog proof, and I need to be able to get in there and add food and water fairly easily.  At least one part of it needs to be off the ground - maybe just hardware cloth raised up an inch in case we get buckets of rain.

After I finish work type work, I will spend some time working on finding a good plan.  I have an idea of my own - just have to run it by my husband who will most likely get fed up with my inept fumblings and "help" (ie "do it himself") me.  That would be fine with me, my feelings would not be hurt - it would give me time to work my way through the rest of the "To Do" list which includes: sheep hoof maintenance, mulching citrus trees, cutting guaiwi poles for beans and tomatoes, cleaning the house top to bottom (will take two weekends because my stepfather is so allergic to dust, mold, trees, grass - and I have to make one "safe room" for their Thanksgiving visit) .

If I don't stop talking right now, the To Do will also include my report cards.  Time to get those report cards done!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Visiting Hawaii is on my bucket list.Looking forward to many more visits. Please stop by my blog and perhaps enjoy a little of New England charm and follow if you would like.

NancyDe said...

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law and my nephew and his wife moved to New Hampshire several years ago - they love it! I have never been to New England.