Friday, November 26, 2010

Pouring Rain outside...

Everything is soup with grass outside; well beyond our usual jello with grass consistency.

Discovered I need new rubber boots....the hard way.

The ram is feeling "rammy" today - showing off his male-ness.  I think Aubrey the ewe is possibly in heat. He doesn't like getting locked in at night, even though he doesn't necessarily want to go out in the rain, either.  Life must be somewhat confusing.

Dodie still hasn't lambed, even though when we bought her we were told it would be just a few weeks. I was trying to look at her udder today - looks a little bit bagged up, but couldn't get a good long long.  My sheep are Blackbelly Barbados, and, well, their bellies are black - hard to distinguish.  I need to trap her in a corner and get a good look.  She's had several births with no problems; I am praying for the same here.  I am not relishing trying to help her with one hand and the other trying to hold the flashlight and the book that tells me how!

This is a good day for soup-making, baking, and watching Poppy play games with the kids - what a patient man!  I want to be Poppy when I grow up (only, you know, Grammy, instead).


Chai Chai said...

That is our nightmare, having to help the goats or ewes deliver in the middle of a cold night while trying to simultaneously not faint and figure out how to help (and not make things worse).

From what I have read Barbados sheep are perfect for Hawaii, hair instead of wool?

Daphne said...

wow, the kids grow up so fast!

NancyDe said...

Daph, you should see my other son - he isn't in the picture:he's shaving, already!

Chai, yup, there are mostly Le Croix and Barbados here - very wet for wool sheep, hair sheep are better. I am thinking about crossing them with Lacaune for milk. I am just hoping I will go out and find 8 (or12) legs where there were four!

Faith said...

Flashlight, book, AND umbrella. Praying right a long with you for an easy delivery!

I have never milked a sheep. Cows and goats, and probably mares out of curiosity, but not sheep. I've heard the milk is wonderful enough to be worth the trouble it takes to get it, though.

I love the family all there enjoying games together. Great pics!


NancyDe said...

Faith, that's what I heard about sheep milk, too. I guess we'll see - big adventure in milk. We considered a Dexter cow, but we're newbies to dairy animals, and sheep are fairly easy to handle.

Yeah, I like the family all together, too -just said good-bye :(. Short visit.