Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gauging the level of impatience through the fireplace vent....

When we put in the fireplace we put in extra venting to divert some heat up to the upstairs(it really only gets cold enough to use it a few weeks a year - still Hawaii, even if at altitude).  It is a great sound conductor.  I use it on Sunday mornings to judge when I have to stop reading blogs or books and get up and be productive.

Today, I got up at 6:56, woke up our 18 year old who had four minutes to get to work.  She really ought to stop relying on me as the alarm clock....

That kind of tipped my hand, that I am really up and not sleeping the sleep of the exhausted teacher.  It's been an hour and 15 minutes and I have been visiting  Homestead ...... From Scratch,  Lemonade Adventure, and   From Beyond My Kitchen Window .  All my other blogs have been private, mostly classroom blogs, and I am enjoying reading other people's blogs and hearing about other small farmer's experiences.  It is a little daunting to put out my first public it is nice to see "company".  

I am hoping the farrier will come today.  Ohia's feet are awful, awful, awful.  This mud isn't helping.  I have been feeding him a supplement with probiotics and biotin, but he is still so sore.  If putting shoes on doesn't help (he's been barefoot), I really will have to think about putting him down.  So very sad. 

I am really going to have to break down and realize that I do not have the time or the facilities to train my warm blood mare.  She is really willing, but slightly kolohe (naughty) - meaning she will try something once, but when you tell her, "No!" firmly enough she desists.  I need a round pen, though.  I can't train her in the pasture like I did Ohia.  He is a paint and very calm, kind, and willing.  She is huge, pushy, although basically a good girl.  Now I have to find the money and the trainer to put 30 days on her.  

Well, I do need to get up and start cleaning the stall, washing the mud from the horses' legs, just in case the farrier comes (well, I would have to do those things anyway - daily jobs - but I have to keep them in for him and make sure their fed before he gets here).  

Other than that, today will be weeding the garden, mulching the citrus trees, and baking day.  I am planning on making whole wheat bagels, English muffins, and probably blueberry muffins....possibly hamburger buns.  Oh, darn, I just remembered 16 year old has a Math League meet at Hilo High.  Shucks. Another 100 mile driving day.  I long for days I can just stay home and do the things I need to do around here.  


Chai Chai said...

Heavy snowstorm going on outside today and I got the Commander to build a fire downstairs. He has been wanting to conserve the wood for "Winter" and today will definitely qualify.

It is funny to read about you have to start a fire in Hawaii when we are trying to decide if we want one while in the middle of a blizzard here.

Faith said...

I have two horses that I keep hoping to have time to train as well. Alas, it has not been so as yet.

You are a better woman than I, however. I would not wash my horses legs for the farrier until I saw the white's of his eyes, and then I'd hit them quickly with the hose as I was leading them out.

I am simply amazed at how you function in all that rain and mud!


NancyDe said...

Faith, I like my farrier - and I want him to keep coming back. Vets and farriers - precious people. Not happy with the large animal vet in our area, but the one coming from Waimea only comes once a week, so mostly good for routine stuff. I tend to do my own doctoring, anyway. I found out my farrier does teeth, and I can do the shots, so rarely need a vet.

ChaiChai, as I sit hear sweating from my trip to Hilo, it is hard to believe we ever need (or actually, want) a fire. It does get down to the 40's, which feels cold to our thin blood. I am sure that does sound funny in the middle of a blizzard!