Monday, November 8, 2010

The sun came out....and other sunny propositions.

First, as usual, my gloom and doom about classes was not completely accurate (although if I don't get a IDEA aide in Period 4, life will be hard one hour a day), and second, the sun came out!  Of course, this is down at sea level and what happens down at sea level doesn't always happen up mauka.  I did ask a student to run outside and look around the other side of the building to see what the clouds looked like toward my house.  I don't usually make slaves of my students, but I could tell she needed to run outside for a second (and I really wanted to know).

I have hopes that the chicken coop has dried up a bit.  The sick hen was dead in her isolation cage this morning, which made me sad.  It has been four weeks since I wormed the goats to get rid of nasal bots.  They seemed to be recovering, except for Minma, who I just figured was weaker because she got into grain and bloated before I bought her.  Now, though, everyone is starting to snot up again.

We usually get a lot of rain in November, but it is usually later in the month.  One memorable November 30, we got 33 inches of rain in approximately 24 hours, for example.  I thought I was safe planting the seeds at the end of October, because it would normally be about 2-3 weeks out of the heavy rain, and maybe the seeds could start and hold onto their ground.  The slope is very gradual.

I think I need to go ahead and think about container gardening in the winter months, or at least make clear plastic covered frames to put over the garden, like portable green houses.  Someday, we would like to build a green house off the lanai of the house.  In our climate, without a green house, greens do best: bok choy, mustard cabbage, collards, mesclun, brussels sprouts.  I love them, but what more variety in what I eat, so I guess (after Driver's Ed!), the next thing to save for is the green house materials.

Planning on making lasagne tonight, after I do all my running around.  My son reminded me that I haven't made it in a long time.  I did a lot of baking this weekend: curry chicken rolls, meat and potato rolls, muffins.  I have extra meat and chicken filling, so I need to think about a casserole dish to use them with.  I am also craving thai curry - I can either wait to see if any eggplant pops up, or I can go to the farmer's market.


Chai Chai said...

Sorry to hear about the chicken, but you seem to be feeling better.

Grandpa said...

I've described a 'caregiver' in my latest post, you definitely qualify as one!

NancyDe said...

I am still feeling slow, but surely getting better, Chai Chai. I read through your post this morning, with half an eye before school, Grandpa, but going to read it more thoroughly now - just to see if I qualify :). Do have to make that lasagne I promised the kid - looks like we're eating late....(notice how I stopped to answer between burying dead chicken and cooking.)