Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just in case Mom was worried...

Nope.  Balto did not get the sheep.  They were all fine.

I had a little moment when I drove up at almost 8 pm and didn't hear Minnie screaming for food - but my 11 year old starting making "baaaaa" noises, and we could identify all four even before we got over there with flashlights. I think it cheered up 11 year old, whose team lost both sets of their volleyball game 25-16 and 25-17.

I have my antibiotics, and I am going to rest at home tomorrow and work on my report cards on my computer.

The dogs didn't get into my weird fence arrangement (used silt fence) around the garden but they did get the small patch where I buried the guts of a kabocha pumpkin in the other garden.  Darn it.  I am pretty sure it is Cinnamon, because she is the one I am catching with muddy paws....Everyone else in the family votes Melly, because I am the only one that likes that "rat dog" as she is affectionately known.  She is at least half Border Collie, but we got her from the pound and she is a bit too small to be full bred.  Two dogs is company, but we've found three is a bit of a pack, and they look to each other more than to us.

I need to figure out what to do with the 10 chicks I bought.  They are in the huge dog carrier, but they are coming up on 7 weeks.  I need to introduce them to the other hens/rooster when they get just a bit bigger.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to introduce slightly younger hens to an established group?  I have 6 hens and a rooster who are about 6-7 months old and ten 7 week old pullets.  I was thinking of putting them in the enclosure, but putting poultry netting in between them and the flock for a few days.  How long is long enough?

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