Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sheep fencing...

Yeah. My husband wanted sheep because goats are so difficult to contain.  Yeah.

I went out this morning and found two sheep in their little pen, and two sheep in their stall.  All of them were supposed to be in their stall.  As far as I could tell, the two ewes jumped over a wood barrier and through the gate poles.  The lamb was too short and the ram was too big so they were stuck inside.

I had to go through the horse stall and that leaves both the horse stall gate cracked open and the sheep gate open.  A ewe got into the horse stall, which freaked the mare out less than the ram visiting, but did attract the attention of the dog.  Not a good thing.

I sort of blocked off the egress better, but I am so hoping that I go home to four alive sheep.  A determined dog can get into this set up and scare the sheep to death (or worse).

All of this drama caused me to be extremely late, stuck in traffic and gulping coffee and a leftover turkey sandwich...and about 40 minutes into the hour drive I noticed my shirt and jeans had dried mud and goodness knows what from sheep wrangling.  Nice.

I am as sick as a dog, and the doctor can't fit me in until 3:45.  This means I not only sit and shed illness throughout the school, it also means I have to get my sister-in-law and/or brother-in-law to pick up my kids.   It is such an incredible headache.  I wish my husband were here.

We thought he was making progress on getting assigned to work in Hilo, but today he got a Lana'i project and a Moloka'i project, so it just doesn't look as promising.  Not what I needed to hear on such a wild day.

At least the temporary fence I am using to block the garden from the digging dogs is working....I just planted a bundle of stuff...


Chai Chai said...

Our Orchid and Gardenia have escaped a few times and we still haven't been able to figure out how they did it. From what I have read sheep can really jump high if they want to.

Bringing some of the farm with/on me to work - yep, done that too.

NancyDe said...

Yep, still puzzled about how they got out - and they looked pretty puzzled, too.

They were all in tonight, though.

As far as bringing some of the farm with wouldn't be so bad if it were conference week. I can just imagine the dinner conversations tonight, "You should have seen her teacher...."