Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I think I need a day off....(don't everyone laugh at once)

Doesn't that make everyone laugh?  What's a day off when you have animals?  There is always, always something to do around the farm. Add four kids and a teaching job (one where there are no textbooks and you create all your own curricula op top of that), and the idea of time off is somewhat laughable.

My idea of a day off is a break from one of the four aspects of my life.  Sometimes I fantasize about taking a day off work to clean the house!

My absolutely perfect day would start with my kids having someone else to drive them to and pick them up from school, and my favorite sub would be in my classroom.  My house would be sparkling, my garden weeded and growing well, and all animals fed, watered, and healthy. I would ride Scarlett, write for two hours, and then read something that isn't written by a 15 year old.  I would bake something nice for the kids (when someone else brings the home).  The sun would be shining.

Since it would take a huge confluence of factors to make this day possible, I will never have the day - but to just even mentally imagine this day makes me smile.  It keeps me from opening my mouth with some really inappropriately sarcastic remark when a child tries to tell me why they don't have their homework.

Okay, recess over!  Have a lovely day everyone!


Lisa Mi said...

Oh Nancy! We can always never know, miracles do happen. I've been cleaning out my bookshelves, shall I send you some "adult fiction?" Have a great day!!! Love, Lis

NancyDe said...

If you want to share your books, I would be happy :). I would be even happier if you brought them in carry on luggage lol. You and Michael need to make a trip over!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Mother's rarely get a day off. You have such a full life its going to be difficult to squeeze in a day of rest. Good luck!!

NancyDe said...

FBMKW: Last night was a tough one on the mother front - my perfect day would have to mean a perfect storm of everything going right at the same time! I keep telling myself to just appreciate them when they are here, because they will be out and gone in not too long...

Faith said...

I can so relate. Truly, a day of housecleaning is really like a vacation day for me. And if I get to cook....? Yippee! I don't get to do that very often lately.

Your perfect day sounds a lot like mine would be. And I kept my mouth shut many times, being glad they were here. No mess would mean they were gone. A messy house filled with love is so much better than a showplace, empty of laughter and arms to wrap around your neck.

Do you ever say the word 'retire', and then laugh? LOL


NancyDe said...

A day where I only have to housecleaning is a day off, but it sure isn't my favorite thing to do. Mostly because it just gets undone almost as I am doing it used to be worse when the kids were small.

I was looking at retirement figures, trying to see how old I would have to be..I figure I am going to be one old lady teacher some day, retirement is so far off....I can just see it now, "Eh? What? You don't have your homework? Back in my day...." creak, creak.

I just hope I don't still have to climb over fences to feed sheep by then!