Monday, October 18, 2010

Lamb Blender, and other worries...

I was reading about all the things that can go wrong with lambing, lambs, and post-partum ewes.  I do know that books can give a very scary view of birth (ever read What to Expect When You're Expecting?), but when Raising Sheep the Modern Way mentioned that a lambing pen can turn into a "lamb blender" should the ewe become frightened...well, the picture will not leave my head.

The fact that I read the James Herriot books over and over again which have many chapters about having to help farm animals deliver young doesn't help, either.  Horses generally deliver without incident, although if they do need help, it is liable to be a huge emergency.  I have conflicting information on sheep....some sources say the reports of problems are exaggerated.

On a good note, I sold more eggs this morning, and I was able to salvage some of my black beans.  The recent downpours have rotted some of them on the bush, and I had to pick some of them slightly immature, but I am getting some for all that waiting.  I am just shelling them and putting them in a bag until I have enough to cook.  I pulled some carrots and I have several tomatoes setting fruit.  I can see that I need to plant more - I am still in learning phase for plants.

When the rains slow down a bit on a day we're home early, I am going to get the kids to bag up the remaining compost piles so I can advertise again.  I am not getting as much recoverable manure from the stall, because the horses are now depositing in the walk way and then trampling it all, making it difficult to shovel up.  As soon as the sheep have their own pen, it should revert to the normal 100 lbs. a day.

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