Sunday, October 10, 2010

To Do List

1. Take half the family to church - the other half went at 7 am so they could be helpful with the pen and so they could watch football later in the afternoon.

2. Take my older son to Confirmation classes. Wait for him. Plan my meals for the week. Work on number 8 and 9 while sitting in the car.

3. Worm the sheep....hope it isn't too different than worming a horse. As the previous owner of the sheep said he had to pump up his adrenaline to do the worming and showed a scar on his skin from his last attempt....well, I suppose what I should be hoping is that my experience with animals much larger than I am will help me be less likely to need adrenaline or stitches after worming the sheep.

4. Help with the pen for the sheep so they can get out of the stall.  Yay! Digging post holes, my favorite thing to, not really.

5. Pay the bills.

6. Do the adult laundry and clean the bathrooms.

7. Bake the bread, bagels, and English muffins for the week.

8. Get my head ready for the classroom tomorrow.  (Woke up at 3 am, panicked because there were all sorts of things I was supposed to do this last week of break time that I put off until TODAY).

9. Post the composted manure on Craigslist - this is my Sunday routine.  Ironically, poop and eggs are the only thing I am making money on from our land.  ("The principal product of my farm is poop." an example of alliteration for my English classroom).

10. Get my heart and mind ready for being a single parent of four teens and pre-teens for two weeks.  Usually my husband will come home on the weekends, but he is staying on Oahu next weekend.....

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