Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No lambs....

Thank goodness, no lambs. My husband comes back in 4 days, but it will be 5 days before we can make the outside pen to make it safer for Dodie to have her baby(ies).  The race is still on.

The feed store finally got the container, so I was able to put in some bedding - but since we got home after 7 pm last night, it was a sort of rushed affair.  I just dumped two bags over the fence and spread them out roughly in the dark.  I wouldn't have done that much if I hadn't dropped the sickle in the pen when I was giving them grass.  I did try to find it by feel, but ended up having to give up and hope that no one stepped on/laid on it in the dark.  (no one did)

It isn't that fun feeding in the dark.

I have decided that after I pick up the first round of kids before 4, I am driving all the way home.  I will have to go back out for the kids who have practice which is extra wear and tear on the car and extra gas, but considering the wear and tear on me of having to cart around a complaining 13 year old (who doesn't have practice tonight - sadly),  even 45 minutes at home is worth it.  At the very least, I can spread out the rest of the bedding and spray it with water so it fluffs.  It is pellets of wood shavings which expand and fluff with liquid.  Very absorbent - better than straw and better than regular shavings and it composts better.   I also woke up late this morning (5:20!!) so I didn't have time to cut the sheaf of grass I usually feed twice a day.

The chickens didn't lay yesterday, either that or they (or rats or mongoose) got the eggs.  Usually around Monday or Tuesday, they do have a blip in laying, so probably all 6 will lay an egg today.  My kids' PE teacher bought eggs yesterday, but she paid me for 3 dozen, so I owe her 18 eggs.  I hate owing people.

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