Friday, October 15, 2010

A weekend approaches...

and I know I have so much to do.  My husband commutes to another island to work, and he is staying there through next week, to some extent to save money, and more to the extent to watch a UH football game with friends.  I am glad he gets to go to the football game and see our childhood friends, but at the same time, I am feeling sorry for my sheep.  They are still confined in a 12x12 stall.

The one good thing about this is that they are becoming very affectionate with me (except when I am in the stall with them - because I won't let the ram come near at that point.  200lbs of ram butting you, no matter how playful or affectionate, is still 200lbs of ram).

Today, as I was climbing over the fence (yeah, we were in such a hurry to secure them we didn't consider gates that open or any other convenience), my monster elephant mare (5 years and halter broke, sigh) decided she was going to sidle up to the fence.  It was as if she wanted me to climb on her back.  I was tempted, but I am not as young as I once was, nor am I nuts - she didn't even have a halter on, and we were in a stall.  I did, however, lean over her and put weight on her back.  She just slid in closer to the gate.  I think she will be easy for the trainer to train.  I wish I had the time and round pen to do it myself!  I can't wait to ride her.

My poor little paint's hooves are so fragile, that even when he is not feeling ouchy he can only really manage a walk-trot, so I haven't really ridden since my old gelding passed on 5 years ago...feels like forever.

When money gets tight, the first thing my husband starts eyeing is feed bills.  He looks outside and sees monster-mare, lawn ornament extraordinaire....finally, I gave in and put her on craigslist.  The only reply I got was from a woman who has been looking for a 17hh or taller horse for months.  I think having a horse that big is a headache, especially on this island.  I had a horse that tall, and he ate tons and tons, and the extra 2-3 inches didn't do anything for me.  A 16.1 horse is plenty big in my opinion.

I did explain to my husband that selling my horses is like asking him to give up music - both playing and listening.  It is such a part of me, he asking me to give up part of myself.  Sheep, as fond as I am getting of them, doesn't replace that part of me.  I also see the necessity of finding a home for the mare where she will be loved and useful.  I am gone so long every day; I will never show again.  I explained all this to the feed store owner (also my friend), and her brother, the horse trainer was sitting in on the conversation.  I told my friend, just give my number to the girl looking for a horse to buy and train.  I don't have the time to do it myself, and your brother is booked up tight for the next year in time I went in, she told me that her brother and dad talked and they are squeezing my mare in before Christmas!  I have been waiting two years for a spot in their program as I did a half-ass job doing the work myself... thinking somewhere in my life there will be a magical period of time when kids don't need me to play taxi driver or project helper.....and I can train this horse.  Never going to happen, or at least not until the mare and me are old.

And now my husband is saying, "Maybe if your mare is trained, it would be worth it to keep her instead of trading or selling her...."  Miracles do happen....all I know is, even if I do sell her, I am riding her at least a few times.  I raised her from a baby, and I deserve at least this....

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