Friday, October 29, 2010

Took an hour to feed tonight...

fortunately, got home early enough that it wasn't dark.  Came home to half a fence for the pen for the sheep, the tractor out, the horses locked out and no discernible way to get in to collect eggs and change out the water for the mature chickens.  My husband's tools were out in the rain.  I would have concluded that he was abducted by aliens, but I know he was really abducted by the neighbor down the road.  Don't want to talk about it....

Basically, I had to go through the horse pasture and over a fence to get to the chickens.  I had to climb into the sheep pen (remember - "temporary" and going on three weeks stall for the sheep has no gate) to move pull their water pail and fill and carry it back and somehow lower it over without spilling any.  Gave me the impetus to put in the coccidosis (not sure if I am spelling that correctly) vaccination, though.

To let the horses in, I had to undo the cable my husband was using as a come-along for the fence he was putting  - which must have looked like snakes because they panicked and it took me ten minutes to coax them back to come eat.  I got thoroughly muddy and slimed with sheep snot and mud.

Later tonight, I am going to pick up a gaggle of teens from the football team.  My kids tend to have co-ed sleep-overs, which is fine because we have three stories and squeaky stairs.  I put the girls upstairs and the boys in the basement - or on nice nights, in a tent outside.  Tonight we have two girls and I think four boys, but the connection wasn't that great, but probably the usual suspects.  They are all very nice kids.

The internet at work was down, which was seriously no fun, because the document for the Student Led Conferences next week is on my google docs, and neither I nor the lovely student who is helping me with it were able to get into it - that means a lot of work this weekend.  On the other hand, I did finish ALL OF MY GRADING!  This is a miracle - the stack was 5 inches thick!

I hope to bake bagels, English muffins, a few treats, and a couple loaves of bread this weekend.  I noticed the lemon tree has one large ripe lemon, so I might make lemon muffins - those are yummy.  I also had some guavas that looked almost ripe out there...have to think of what to do with those.  The taro very much needs to come out and replanted.  I really doubt I will get there though.

Various kids have various activities, so a lot of time will be spent driving, sadly, and there is a ton of laundry, but when isn't there?

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